Close your Training Course with Impact!

Close your Training Course with Impact!

Written by Crona Sheehan

We have all done it! Time has run out, it’s 4.45 on Friday of a long weekend and I have not left enough time to close the training course. I find myself abruptly summarising the main learning points, handing out the evaluation forms and within 5 minutes I am left in an empty room wondering where it all went wrong! The answer is of course, simple. Closing Stupid!!

The closing can be a much overlooked part of the training day. When a course is abruptly closed our delegates are unsure if the training objectives were achieved and can be left wondering” What was all that about?” Here are some tips to help you close your training courses that will leave a lasting impact on your learners.

  1. Review the Training Objectives: Confirm with delegates that all the training objectives were met by summarising the main points from each training module.
  2. Encourage feedback: Ask the group to comment on their learning experience of each training module. If there is dissatisfaction, facilitate a discussion; if everyone is happy move on, to the next item. People need to walk out the door knowing that their training objectives were met.
  3. Review action items: Make sure that participants who are responsible for action items are committed to complete the action item. Confirm the date by which each item will be completed.
  4. Evaluate the session: Conduct a formal evaluation of the training to determine your delegates’ level of satisfaction with the process and the trainer’s skills. Let them know that they do not have to put their name on the evaluation form.
  5. Thank delegates for their participation: Make a point of thanking delegates for their time and input to the process. End on a positive note.

By following these Train the Trainer guidelines you will effectively close your training course. Your delegates will leave knowing that they got what they came for. You will know that the training was a success and your job as a professional trainer was done.

If you’re interested in becoming a Professional Certified Trainer be sure to check out our Train the Trainer Fetac Level 6 course.

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