‘Dennis the Dentist’ and his Sales Pitch

Everyone dealing with customers/ patients need Essential Selling Skills.I was at the dentist last week. It had been a while but between Chemo and a hectic year of Radiotherapy, let’s just say I had really good excuses not to attend. I liked Dennis. We had quite lengthy discussions about my cancer treatments etc the last time I had visited. Now two years later here I am. Of course Dennis is not expected to remember me or my tricky health situation but I am here for a consultation so we can catch up. Dennis says he needs to know all about my medical history and then and only then will he recommend options. It went something like this:


‘What medical issues do you have’?


‘What treatments are you receiving’?

‘Chemo then Radiotherapy for past 12 months’


‘Aspirin, as I’ve had major surgery on my Vena Kava and I have artificial stent inserted instead of a vein’.

‘Oh, so we need to be careful of infection’.


At this stage I’m feeling very secure and feel Dennis has my welfare in hand.


Then comes Dennis’ recommendations.


Dennis thinks I should opt for Dental Implants which is pretty horrific surgical procedure which involves screw- like parts being screwed into the jaw bone!

Seriously! What are you thinking, man! Have you heard a word I’ve been saying?What part of my answers could possibly lead you to make a recommendation that would involve more surgery?


Of course Dennis like a lot salespeople had fallen into the habit  of asking the same old questions, forgetting to listen to the answers and therefore presenting a solution to the customer that is way off the mark.


Investigation of a customer’s needs, concerns and problems is a crucial part of any Sales process. However, if the Salesperson is unable to present a solution that solves the need and eliminates the concerns then all credibility is lost in the customer’s eyes.

I stared at Dennis wide eyed as he rambled on and on about the merits of implants.


I just wanted to run. And I did just that!

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