Not a Born Trainer – Not a Born Doctor


I was recently in a conversation with a doctor who enquired about our Train the Trainer QQI Level 6 training course. I must say I was a little surprised but we had a chat and when I enquired as to what prompted him to enquire about this course, the answer he gave me was very simple.

The most knowledgeable and talented surgeon is not always the best teacher. Everyone needs to know how to train!

Of course my doctor friend was right, for far too long professionals like medical surgeons and others were expected to know how to train healthcare professionals without the benefit of learning the skill of training adults.

The good doctor completed the Train the Trainer course. He was delighted with all the skills and techniques that he could now use when training his students.

No one is a born doctor nor a born trainer. We all have to acquire the skills to help us improve and not rely on our wits.That is why we are good at what we do and my good doctor is good at what he does.

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