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How to give effective customer service?

I knew someone who was very ill in hospital. She was diagnosed with a life threatening cancerous tumour. Her wonderful consultant successfully the tumour and saved her life. Unfortunately, post op she contracted MRSA in her wounds which meant a long stay in an isolation ward in a well-known Dublin Private hospital. The MRSA a minor blip, she had come through major surgery but the real pain in all of this was the poor service on a human level that she experienced over three weeks in that hospital.  So what, you may ask, has all this to do with Customer Care? Let me explain.

It’s never just about the place it’s always about the atmosphere.Image

Millions were spent on this spanking state of the art hospital and you could tell. Gorgeous bathroom, great TV, even a view! Of course none of that mattered because a lot of time the atmosphere was as cold and impersonal as a dark dungeon. You see, some (not all) of the nursing and catering staff had forgotten about the people end of their job. They had forgotten the basics of what makes for a positive customer experience. It’s fine to spend millions on a building and specialist equipment but without friendly professionally trained staff it’s only a building. Your customers and mine will be judge not just on the surroundings, we will be judged by the attitude of our staff. The things that really matter to customers is the experience not just the product or the building and furniture.


Customers don’t ask for a lot really. A friendly smile.

A little humour. A minute to make conversation and be treated as a person not a statistic.

When Customer Care is not evident, we customers/patients become nervous and insecure and when that happens we become difficult to deal with, which will make your day more stressful.

These basic customer care skills if not practiced will result in poor customer satisfaction no matter what business you’re in.

My friend eventually recovered from the MRSA. So grateful and happy to be alive. She will always remember those who exceeded all customer expectations and she has worked at blocking out Nurse Ratched and her followers.

So what is Customer Care? Simple! Smile. Look interested. Show your Humanity. Listen. Create a great atmosphere. Guys, if you don’t do the basics, you won’t do the business. Do the basics and you will do the business and keep it! Superior Customer Service is easy.

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